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Best Writing consultant 002 copyLeah is an internationally recognized literacy consultant who specializes in K-5 Reading and Writing Workshop. She is the President and CEO of Read-Write-Connect, INC. She is also the author of Reading/​​Writing Connections in the K-2 Classroom, (Allyn & Bacon), Don’t Forget to Share (Heinemann) and the co-author of Launching the Writing Workshop (with Lucy Calkins) (Heinemann).

Selected Works


Quality Writing Instruction
This brand new DVD will assist teachers with high quality writing instruction.


Don’t Forget to Share: The Crucial Last Step in the Writing Workshop
This brand new book will show you how to make your share sessions more instructional.


Reading/Writing Connections in the K-2 Classroom: Find the Clarity and Then Blur the Lines
This book demonstrates how through careful, explicit assessing, planning, and teaching every student can understand and use the reading/writing connection to become stronger readers and writers at the same time.

Units of Study for Primary Writing: A Yearlong Curriculum: Launching the Writing Workshop
This book shows teachers how to launch a joyful and rigorous Writing Workshop in their classrooms.


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Planning Writing Units of Study

Lately, I’ve been planning a lot of Writing Units of Study. Yes, the teachers I work with plan their own Units of Study! It’s hard work, especially the first few units, and it’s natural to wonder why you would even plan your own Units of Study when there are so amazing resources available. After a…

Back to blogging and back to school

As August comes to a close, I am getting excited for a new year filled with teaching and blogging! Last year was a challenging one for me.  The politics and the stress that I felt in the schools made me sad.  Whenever I sat down to write a blog, I felt as if I had…

Happy New Year!

          It’s been a long time! I hope everyone has had a great start to the year. Although I have been busy this summer keeping up with an active toddler, I have not stopped thinking about the relationship between parenting and teaching. Here are a few thoughts that I hope will…

The Pause: How it helps me as both a parent and teacher

In today’s quick blog post, I want to share some thoughts  about pausing and how pausing before I react helps me both as a parent and a teacher. I just finished reading the book, Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman. It’s the story of one American mother and what she discovered about the wisdom of…

What I am learning about teaching from parenting…..

Trying to blog while working and keeping up with a very active toddler has been challenging, but here are some quick thoughts I have about   both parenting and teaching.           1.  Reading and Writing can be both rigorous and fun. Above is my lovely Ariana with her friend Lilly.  They…

Best Conference Ever: The Story of My Conference with James

          A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to confer with a 2nd grade boy at Turnpike Elementary School named James.  It was an eye opening experience for many reasons, but for the purposes of this blog I am going to share how it changed me as a teacher…

The Sunshine Award

          I am so honored to have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by Renee Dinnerstein. Thanks, Renee! The Sunshine Award is a lovely way that bloggers recognize each other. Basically, it spreads Sunshine from one blog to another! The Sunshine Award was started by Matt Renwick, an elementary principal in…

Self-Directed Learning: How a typical lesson can become an avenue for getting kids to become more self-directed

            In today’s post,  I want to share some of the work I did with the 3rd teachers at PS 230 in Brooklyn, New York.  When I met  with this group of teachers we decided that we needed to do a lesson on helping kids know what to do when…

Let’s Start Sharing Ways to Help Students become More Self Directed

            I hope everybody has had a great start to their school year. I am planning on using my blog for the next few months  as a vehicle for people to share the ways in which they are helping their kids become more self-directed. Of course, I am hoping you’ll …

Self-Directed Writers: The Third Essential Element in The Writing Workshop

  Happy New Year!  I’m excited to announce that my new book is out!  This book will help you create self-directed writers while still upholding a standards based classroom. I sincerely hope that my book can help you create writers who are excited, persistent, engaged and many other great words. For more information on my…